A Music Director's Epic Tale: Les Miserables

Chapter 2 : Project Planning

Planning, planning, and more planning - that's what the first few months of this project seemed to entail. The idea for doing this show gained momentum in the very early part of 2010. Once I was selected as musical director and we knew that the performance dates were going to be in October, we started up the planning machine. Things didn't really quiet down until the performances actually started taking place! While we eventually transitioned from conceptual planning (costumes, lighting, props, and of course, how the music would take place) to actually starting to "do stuff" (acquire materials, create music, etc.), we were always trying to stay a step ahead in continuing to refine our plans and think of what else we might have forgotten. Although this show took a lot of energy spent fairly continuously over several months, as you'll see, it was all worth it in the end!

Here, then, are what we considered the major areas in the planning process and how we went about doing it.