A Music Director's Epic Tale: Les Miserables

Chapter 8 : Performing The Show And Beyond

8.2 - Final Thoughts

Thanks to all the planning and organizing between the members of the creative team, and thanks to the dedication of the cast to their commitment to the show, "Les Miserables - School Edition" at our theater was a huge success! It can be done! All that work is definitely worth it when you can experience the talents of a teenage cast perform a very challenging and riveting show such as this.

As said at the outset, any theatrical performance takes a lot of careful planning, and only with the right teamwork will you get the job done. Some other people who deserve a ton of credit for the production of "Les Miserables" at our theater include the CEO and Chairman Of The Board, Dennis, who also serves as Lighting Designer and set construction co-chief. Working along with Dennis on the sets is the Technical Director, Jim. Jim also serves as liasion to the church board to help coordinate schedules and transmit information between the church and the theater. My older son Matthew was the stage manager, and he worked hard for months hunting down the right props (with assistance from my wife, my mother and my mother in-law!). Matthew also played the role of the Bishop and Brujon in the production.

Knowing that all of the technical elements that needed to come together to bring the tracks to life with a hybrid of synthesizers and human musicians did work out is a big help in planning future shows. Someday maybe we'll approach the emotional satisfaction of doing a show like "Les Miserables" again!